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My name is Marcel Favery and I am a professional photographer and filmmaker since 2010.

I was finishing my studies on Marketing when I discovered that my true passion was in visuals and images. So I had to deep myself head first into this world, and it has been one wonderful adventure since then.


Having the marketing degree helped me a lot on positioning myself and knowing how to plan communications for other people, brands and companies. Also, how to target the right audience to get the most out of the videos and photographs I make for them.

I believe that the interactions of living beings with nature and watching nature itself is where I find most of my inspiration. I am always trying to connect with the environment around me through sports, arts, music, cinema, architecture and gastronomy. I believe that each one of these activities contribute to the way I see the world and how I like to capture it.

I consider myself a friendly, easygoing, most curious and avid person, who is always looking to get better in my profession. Always open to talk about new projects, collabs, geek stuff about cinema, gear and life in general.

But don't believe in anything I wrote here, send me a message or give me a call so you can find out for yourself who is this guy that loves shooting footage and sharing the love around the world. Let's get it!

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